I am a performance artist working with video, sound, and text across issues of mobility and spatial practices. I have a background in Dance (ESD, Lisbon, and London Contemporary Dance School) and a MA in Performance Making (Goldsmiths, London). Currently, I am a PhD candidate at Roehampton University, London (supported by FCT, Portugal), and a research collaborator of CIAC - a centre for research in arts and communication, Portugal.

I have created site-specific live video performances, performance-lectures, video works and installations, and run workshops on devising site-specific workAs a co-founder of the site-specific performance collective réaltympanica, I have devised live art sound pieces for launderettes and hotel rooms, an audiobook, minibus journeys, live-streaming indoors and outdoors performances, which were presented through the UK, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Greece, and Germany. 

As part of my artistic research, I have worked with Julian Maynard Smith (Station House Opera, London) on telematic performance projects, supported by DGArtes and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal.

My current practice-based research project ‘Spatial practices: a politics of place-making for performance studies’ seeks to explore and critically analyse potential suggestions of counter-hegemonic spatial practices through collaborative, discursive, and processual approaches to art-making.