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Correspondence on migrating sediments

Correspondence on migrating sediments is an invitation to temporarily dwell on the experiences of a pile. 

A pile of sand is a gathering of several units as well as a repository of various stories. A pile of sand marks a moment in between places, in between states and shapes of being, and in between functions and possible futures.

This art installation by För Künkel and Renata Gaspar, with audio by HILDA T, follows up the exploration of piles as mobile interlocutors between different places. The work comprises texts by Bachtyar Ali Der Letzte Granatapfel, John Berger The Seventh Man, Édouard Glissant Poetics of Relation, För Künkel, and Renata Gaspar.    

Correspondence on migrating sediments, May 2019, Owela Festival - The Future of Work, Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, Germany