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Stories from the perspective of piles

Stories from the perspective of piles is an art installation by För Künkel and Renata Gaspar. The work comprises a collection of photographs taken during their journey throughout Occupied Palestine in March 2016, fictional and non-fictional text, and pictures of different model piles.   

The installation is an artistic exploration of piles and their different meanings. A pile refers to a heap of things placed on top of each other; an object made of several individual and smaller units. Yet, a pile also testifies to how different places are interconnected; specifically, the sites of extraction of natural resources with the sites of construction. Throughout the process of their formation, piles accumulate numerous trajectories, both physical and narrative. For example, depending on their location and context, piles indicate the place of a future infrastructure, or of a recently destroyed building, or like in most cases across Occupied Palestine, where permanent acts of rebuilding take place, piles also suggest defiance and a mode of resistance.

Stories from the perspective of piles, January/February 2017, Künstlerhaus Göttingen, Germany