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3 linked spaces

3 linked spaces is centred on ideas of time suspension and communication. Around these two pivots, I have explored notions of repetition, anticipation, expectation, as well as fragmentation and deferral, based on a simple event: answering a phone call.

Using text (written and spoken) as well as live video projection and still image, this short piece plays with the temporal and visual possibilities that arise from the different media in conversation, along with the combination of moving and still image, creating a sense of extended time. 

The camera catches the performer’s movement in the middle of two spaces, the writing space and the speaking space. More importantly, the camera flashes. Every now and then there is a flash that suspends the projection on the wall for a couple of seconds, creating a photographic still image before it carries on filming. The flash reacts directly to the ringing and makes the performer freeze until the camera catches up with the live image.

The piece plays with simple processes of audience identification (based on a phone ringing) and de-familiarisation (through repetition); consequent patterns of repetition and variation are developed across real environment and mediated image. The visual leftover is an accumulation of text written on paper on the wall, a possible amplified version of the subconscious scrawling that one does while speaking on the phone. 

                         3 linked spaces, June 2011, The Basement, Brighton