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Absent Players

The stills that follow document the camera/projection view of the live screening Absent Players (except the last 2, which refer to the action's documentation). 

This experimental performance, made for the camera, was shot and screened live. The audience was seated in a studio space and could see the projection of pre-recorded material that was being played on a DVD in a lounge/kitchen space next to the studio. This material (still shots of close-ups and details of the surrounding empty spaces - studio, corridor, lounge/kitchen), along with the kitchen choreographed cooking activity that was performed live, was streamed live via Skype and projected on the studio wall. 

My interest was that of playing with the different rhythmical dynamics inherent to the juxtaposition of live and pre-recorded footage and explore the liveness of the digital display. Using a non-narrative and sequential activity like cooking as the main action portrayed, my goal was to enhance the feeling of liveness and proximity through the consequent growing intensity of odours that was emanating from the kitchen. The audience could at the end eat a worm and fresh piece of tortilla, after having followed its last cooking steps live and, previously, its pre-recorded preparation phase. 



       Absent Players, October 2011, Chisenhale Dance Space, London