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Contemplation of the Present

Contemplation of the Present was part of Burst #5, a programme curated by David Berridge
Burst belongs to a series of artistic activities developed and presented at Copenhagen Place, curated by Orion Maxted.

Text Contemplation of the present: to be read in a loop
(read by David Berridge)

This short text exposes some of the ideas and questions I have about the present in time-based art, specifically in the form of performance. 
I’ve been starting to think about questions related to how art, in particular the activity of creating, occupies time when being devised, rehearsed and presented, in an attempt to transfer the time of the process of making into the time of the live event.
I’ve realised, at a certain point, that it was important to share these questions with you during the time of performing; that it was necessary for you to hear them out loud rather than finding a sort of dramaturgical way of translating them into something more.
Other choices had to be made. I couldn’t read them to you; I have to be focused here. I have to consume the time of the present now and, for that I can only do what I’m doing.
See: I have a problem already; how would it be for you if you would hear me saying I couldn’t read them to you; I had to be focused there: I had to consume the time of the present then and, for that I could only do what I was doing.
Something else: I could also have recorded myself reading the text in a way that you would think perhaps that I was addressing you, or instead, that I was talking to myself, reflecting about these issues like in a interior conversation, in any case, I would be sharing with you 3 different times, the time of writing, the time of reading or conversing, and the time of playing the recording.
Here’s now, the time of writing and the time of reading it.
It feels to me that the live action will always have the priority in time. That what’s performed live has a chronological significance even if reporting the past or addressing the future.