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Meet the Event

Meet the Event is a performance lecture/video presentation that draws on some of my research interests regarding the use of video in live performance. With this piece I explored some of the dramaturgical possibilities that arise from the intersection and juxtaposition of pre-recorded video material with the seemingly sequentiality of a live event.

The video interferes with my own live presence by confronting it with a digital me - dressed alike, my "absent double" is the subject to whom I project (both literally and symbolically) the text that I read out live. The mediatisation of the subject-narrator opens up a multi-perspective view on the performer on stage, one that is full of similarities as well as contrasts.  

In an attempt at devising an interdisciplinary form of dramaturgy for live and pre-recorded materials, Meet the Event proposes a reconfiguration of temporal and spatial relationships, allowing the audience to move in between events, from the intimate event of the performance into the non-linear event of the projection. 

                             Meet the Event, January 2012, Uferstudios, Berlin