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Interludes - a ride in 4.5 parts

Interludes is part of an on-going collaborative research project between Renata Gaspar and För Künkel that seeks to explore spatial politics through art-making. Specifically, we aim to investigate the role of spatial relations and their politics in contemporary culture, both by questioning dominant spatial configurations and imagining alternative ones.

We conceive space as an assemblage of different spatial narratives that are always in the process of being produced and thus modified. Accordingly, we explore spatial politics through multiple stories, and the ways in which these organise space and its interrelationships. We work with ideas of spatial unsettledness – for example, interruptions, unpredictability, and inconclusiveness – and devise strategies to bring these across different mediums and image-making processes. 

Imagining ‘place’ as a sort of mobile web of spatial relations allows for an affective and experiential sense of space and time, which entails, we believe, potential for resisting prescriptive and normative spatial formulations. Engaging with the interrelationship between ideas of space/place and their mobile spatiality is in turn what shapes our art practice’s spatial politics and the ways in which we work together.

For the video piece Interludes – a ride in 4.5 parts (June 2014) we have created a specific dramaturgy for two TVs. Our aim was to work with moving-image conveyed through the physicality of two separate objects, and devise a dialogue for these and their space in-between. Over the montage of video clips and sequences we have juxtaposed a sort of performance for two inter-related sources of image and sound. 

Together, both TVs depict different places that correspond to four main locations across three countries: Portugal (Gerês), Croatia (Omiš), and Germany (Funkhaus and High Deck Siedlung, both in Berlin). Each one of these places offers a particular story of mobility, introduced as a dialogue between two characters (and mirroring the dialogue between the two TVs). Each character represents one particular perspective regarding a specific condition of mobility. The mobilities portrayed, and their multiple viewpoints, include stories of migration and commuting, both urban and rural.

Interludes - a ride in 4.5 partsPostgraduate Research Symposium, Roehampton University, London 2014, 25 min.