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Pop Up your ears

Pop Up your ears - Sonic experiments in urban and domestic environments

The workshop focuses on the subjective perception of reality through sound, reframing everyday life details through the alteration of aural stimuli, playing with urban sonic opportunities and their parameters, which are often taken for granted, and rebooting the clichés of the sound apparatus in each of us.

The workshop is designed to comprise a series of field sessions where participants experience daily realities through simple experiments and hearing alteration devices, followed by sessions where their fresh impressions are creatively explored (through individual and collective devising exercises) and discussed.

These workshops were devised and led in collaboration with Ioana Paun and Tania El Khoury

           Pop Up your ears, DIY 7, August 2010, Newcastle, UK

Pop Up your ears
first happened in 2010 in Newcastle, as part of
DIY 7, project supported by Live Art Development Agency and Wunderbar Festival. A full report about Pop Up your ears/DIY 7 can be seen here

The workshop was then also facilitated in 2011 in Prague, as part of Scenofest 011/Prague Quadrennial

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